The Bennet Sisters 2022 Outfits

The Bennet Sisters 2022 Outfits




       When I was around eight, I started to draw outfits that I thought the Bennet Sisters would wear in modern day. I would assign them different jobs, cars, etc... I still like to do this, but instead of showing you the outfits I design, I made a post of outfits I found online that I think the Bennet Sisters would wear. The bottom middle slot are formal dresses I think they would wear to The Netherfield Ball and the last slot is what wedding dress I think they would choose. (I know not all of them get married or have a proper wedding, but I love weddings and can't resist the urge to post a good bridal look.)  


Jane Bennet Outfit from Pride and Prejudice

     When I think of a modern Jane outfit, I think classy, feminine and simple. I think of Taylor Swift circa 2012 or Sabrina Fairchild from the film(s) Sabrina. For her Netherfield Ball gown, I choose a soft pink Monique Lhuillier dress. All the wedding dresses for the sisters were voted on by my Instagram followers. The wedding dress for Jane is classic and effortlessly beautiful, like Jane herself. 


Elizabeth Bennet Outfit from Pride and Prejudice


     I imagine Elizabeth rocking a great powersuit. Something tailored, strong but still feminine. I can totally see her wearing "day to night" looks, like in the top right corner. As for the ball, I saw her in an ethereal dress. Nothing too showy, but still stunning in its own way. The wedding dress was inspired by the Disney Princess Belle, from Kleinfeld Bridal's Disney Collection. 


Mary Bennet Outfit from Pride and Prejudice


     Mary prefers to keep her outfits plain and simple. She'd rather put effort into playing piano or reading Fordyce's Sermons. While picking out a dress for the Ball, she chooses a practical black dress, so that she can wear it again if she needs to. The wedding dress is modest, simple dress from David's Bridal. 


Kitty Bennet Outfit from Pride and Prejudice


    A 2022 Kitty Bennet really loves Olivia Rodrigo and the early 90s/2000s revival trend. She loves to watch Clueless for outfit inspiration. Even though she loves the early 2000s, when it's time to pick out a gown for the Netherfield Ball, she wants something girly and poofy. (This dress is from Sherri Hill) This wedding dress is a Hayley Paige multi-layered wedding dress with butterfly and flower appliques. 


Lydia Bennet Outfit from Pride and Prejudice


   Did someone say Kardashian??? If a Kardashian/Jenner or a Hadid sister wears it, Lydia is on Fashion Nova the next day buying knock offs. I imagine a 2022 Lydia really wants to be an influencer or a Tik Toker and dresses the part. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have, right? I confess that this wedding dress is the only one my followers didn't vote on. If Lydia did have a wedding, she'd want the drama that only sparkles, deep V necklines and a high slit could bring. 


  Whose Outfits do you like best? Tell me in the comments!




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