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Quartz and Calcedony Teacup Candle

Quartz and Calcedony Teacup Candle

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Experience a serene and uplifting atmosphere with this cottage core teacup candle! Crafted with vegan soy wax, essential oils of lemon and grapefruit, and a refreshing lemon sage fragrance, this  candle also includes 5 quartz crystals and 1 calcedony geode, plus one extra hidden quartz crystal at the bottom. Let the candle's energizing scents and enchanting crystals transform your living space!

100% Vegan Soy Wax

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Haus of Bennet takes back to a time of long walks in the countryside, romantic letters and elegant balls. 

Candles from Haus of Bennet hand crafted/hand poured by real people. Haus of bennet candles are imperfectly perfect candles — because life's too short for perfectly identical products!

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